We challenge the norm of learning and development.
We empower people to think and feel differently.
We inspire change.


WHY 5?

The number 5 symbolizes the principle of diversity, progression and passion.
5 signifies the need for change, variation and new growth.
5 is the broadcaster – disseminating information and asking questions.
5 is a public number – outgoing, fast-moving and lively.
The 5 vibration is acting, daring, non-conventional, and unpredictable (in all the right ways).




Studio 5 was launched to disrupt the world of learning and development. We are design enthusiasts who redefine how people think and engage with learning solutions. Solutions that drastically impact the heart of an organization, the employees. Studio 5 is a destination for teams and organizations to come and seek guidance on how they can define and redefine what their learning and development experience looks like. We believe the learning process should not only be fun, but engaging and slightly messy. We recognize our philosophy and style might not be the perfect match for everyone, and that’s ok. Organizations that are ready to work with us not only understand but value the journey to uphold the integrity of a high-performance team.


Jesse Lee Eller

Chief Executive Officer


Renee Tyner

Director of Learning and Development

Marcus Lee Hollan

Chief Learning Officer

Stephany Depa.jpg

Stacy Bushgen

Director of Operations


Brian Cox

Art Director

Jacqueline Boone

Experience Designer

Paul Signorelli

Experience Designer

Kyle Perry

Experience Designer


Tom Hurst

Experience Designer

Elizabeth Mayborne

Experience Designer

Jennifer Cannon




“I came to Studio 5 staff with just an idea of what I wanted to accomplish with our Student Leadership Training. Studio 5 was able to synthesize the desires of our team and develop a comprehensive program that exceeded our expectations. Students left the program feeling connected and empowered to make change on our campus.”

Denise Crosswhite
Coordinator for Residential Life Programming
California State University, Chico